I am trying to develop a PYD, that would allow a Python function to handle a RLine::NotifyIncomingCall(). Unfortunately it is not working very well.

Basically the PYD contains a CActive wrapper (slightly modified copy of one that works perfectly in a Symbian app), and a couple of functions to handle the setup and initialization of the callback. The CActive::RunL does some processing and then is supposed to call the Py function, using PyObject_CallObject(). However when a call comes, Python collapses with "App. closed Python". I am reasonably sure that everything is setup and initialized correctly, since I can call the Py callback function using the exact same syntax and values from other functions of the PYD, even from a different function that is part of the wrapper class.

At this point I am not sure if I am missing something, or if there is some restriction in the CActive::RunL for making outside calls. If anyone has any idea on this issue, please let me know.