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    Question MetroTRK on Series60 (Nokia 6600)

    Hi All,

    I have a CodeWarrior Professional Edition, Version 3.0.
    How can I debug my application on DEVICE (Series60 Nokia 6600)?
    I have the MetroTRK's source code but, I can't compile it.
    (The MetroTRK uses a eken.lib file which doesn't include in the Series 60 SDK.)
    Maybe someone have a installation for Series 60.
    Generally, is there possibility to debug applications on device(Series60)?

    Thanks for your help

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    I'm sorrry to disappoint you but I think you won't get far with MetroTRK.

    After talking to Nokia I understood that myself.

    To compile MEtroTRK you need OS source codes, and that's not available for most developers. You could sign up as a Symbian Partner and get it, but at a great cost.

    Each phone requires it's own compilation of MetroTRK
    Currently there is only 1 precompiled .sis file of MetroTRK around, for Ericsson P900 but that's a UIQ phone. It might still be worth the purchase in order to debug.

    Nokia promissed that on Symbian OS v9 built in debugging possiblilties will be included, but you'll have to wait at least 6 months for that.

    I suggest you find some other way, like GDB.


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