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    6630 it's possible export a flash animation on this telephone..?

    Dear Nokia

    I am using this cell and i 've heard that nokia will support flash swf format on Nokias.
    But i can't see an application to export swf files to my phone 6630 as well as screensaver...
    A little system program for my symbian phone to build simple screensaver selecting some photos (and using swf files) i think is missing....

    Thanks in advance
    If you reply to me
    Yours Sincererly


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    Nokia has an agreement with Macromedia to add at least a Flash Lite player to future phones.

    For existing phones you can buy a Flash Lite player from Macromedia directly.

    The Flash Lite player is "standalone" (cannot be used to play "full" flash content embedded in a web page, for example).

    Macromedia has, to my understanding, also development tools targeting Flash Lite output specifically.

    So, for now, see http://www.macromedia.com/

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