Dear friends
Among many Nokia phones I bought 3410 then 3100 and on the Februray 6th,2600 Iron blue from L-sat Nokia(Tunisia).From the beginning the unit is always in low power.I contacted the seller then he kept the unit two days and said it was ok.less than two days the same problem happened(no charge)I took it again to the seller and he changed a new battery but no thing happened.In the third time I took it to L-sat,they kept 4 days then they said it is ok,but the same problem again.It is now with them again and I am waiting for a new unit.I called them many times and everyone tells a story.In this case I find myself obliged to resort to justice to ask for compensation from both Nokia and L-sat.I ask those who are responsible in Nokia how you give confidence in people who can not help.It is shameful.Till now I am without unit.I think that nokia failed with 2600.the same problem a friend of mine is facing.I am not using games.A phone for me is a unit for calling only.My 3100 is always stronger in charge(sometimes 7days and not one day and a half).Also,while speaking the unit stops working.I hope that nokia finds a solution for me and for its reputation.I am steady about buying a 3320 after the problem of 2600.
my 2600 features