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    Question Is it possible to make 1 Series60 version of a game to suit the whole platform?

    I,ve ported over an S40 game to S60.

    I would like to only make 1 version for all S60 phones that support MMAPI ( i think that will only rule out the 7650).

    So everything else including the n-gage is my target.
    The game runs perfect on the 6670 and using Player and sounds in both wav & amr format.

    I expect there may be a speed difference between all the phones but i have an FPS limiter.

    Are there any problems i should look out for?

    Are there any other S60 models that will need a special version.

    Do wavs or amr have any special problems on specific models of phone.

    Thanks for ur advice.

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    I have experienced in 6600 (with old firm ware version) that System.gc();is blocking;
    Calling the System.gc() method results in extreme slowness and jamming. In Monty 1.0 VM, garbage collection is different and every time System.gc is called, the entire memory is really cleared. This is an extremely slow process!

    Also check out for know Issues of different devices.

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