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    can i send SMS automatically?

    i am writing a midlet from my academic project. Current target phone is Nokia 7200

    A midlet that sends sms to all contacts in my record store for emergency. Currently i have finished the contacts recordstore part and just finished the send sms part and have not write the code to send sms to all in my record store.

    But each time the midlet send out an sms, it prompts says "Allow application abc to send text message?"

    How can i override this so i can send out SMS automatically. I tried seeing the settings in Tools>App Manager, but the messaging settings is 'Not Allowed' or 'Ask every time' only.

    Pls help as i need to submit the project asap.

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    Do you know the solution so far?

    Hi all, I have also encounter this problem. Does anyone know how to solve it?

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    Re: can i send SMS automatically?

    You can send SMS automatically, may be you can refer the example
    http://blogehendrawan.blogspot.com - Kembangin symbian di Indonesia yukk....

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    Re: can i send SMS automatically?


    Sadly, the J2ME MIDlet can not 'escape' the "Allow application abc to send text message?" question. This is how J2ME APIs are built. The reason being
    sending an SMS out is a 'billable' event, and J2ME app can not perform any
    action that leads to billable event, without user consent.

    Symbian S60 application (2'nd edition) would be able to do this without informing the user.


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