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Thread: Crashes

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    Communicators with Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Turkey etc. localization keep crashing when you try to save something to the file system (with FileOutputStream, FileWriter etc).
    The error message is something like this:

    Programm: J9_000004af_00000001
    Reason code: KERN-EXEC
    Reason number: 3

    You have to remove the battery pack in order to exit the crashed application.

    If you change the localization back to English on the very same Communicator, then it won't produce that error.

    There is an other serious (and similar) error with the Communicators if the localizations is set to Turkey, Chezh, Hungarian, Polish etc. Java Personal Profile application crashes at the moment they shown in the screen if you don't call setFont(anyFont) method for any awt component at the very beginning of your app (Frame, TextPane etc.). It's no problem if you never show that component, just call the setFont() method for it. If you don't do it then you will receive a very similar error message I mentioned previously and you also have to remove the battery pack to exit the crashed app. The error also appears if you change the localization back to English.

    I badly need a workaround from nokia (or anybody) for the first problem (file save).

    And I also want a promise from nokia that they are going to fix these issues ASAP.

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    1. Turkey = Turkish (sorry for that!)

    2. And both error report is true for Java Personal Profile applications.

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