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    Error: 0 in Nokia 6600


    I have a few users that encounter a strange error with their Nokia 6600s when they try to start my application. The top banner states "Program error" and the main screen shows "Error: 0". Does anyone know the meaning of this error? It seems to happen with several different firmwares, so I'm thinking that I must do something wrong. Also, I get the "Notify-Install" message just right when they download the application from our wap site.

    As far as I know, the application runs unmodified on every Series 60 device.

    You can download the application from our Wap site at wap.clocklabs.com.

    Thank you for help.


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    First of all I tried downloading ur app ; but was unsuccessfull...

    Have u tried it in ur mobile??Is it working??
    In which all firm ware versions this error is occouring??

    Could u plz explain in which situation this error is comming??

    IMHO >>the "Notify-Install" message might be comming because of some of the JAD entries...So also check ur JAD/MF Entries....


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    The app is working just fine on a wide array of mobile phones, including but not limited to the N-Gage, Series 40 phones, BlackBerries, and even some Nokia 6600. If the Wap download fails, you can download it from our website at http://www.clocklabs.com

    The problem happen when the customer tries to start the application (going into the Application menu and launching the app). I do not have any additional details.

    For now, I'd had two reported failures with two different firmware versions:
    -- v4.09.1, 26-02-04, nhl-10
    -- 3.42.1

    I'm gettin the Notify-Install message because I've had the right midlet entry in the .jad file. I hope that it means that the application was correctly installed. At least I know that the users can see the application in the Applications menu.

    Best Regards,

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