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    large number of convertions

    I need to convert a mass of media products to .dm format with forward-lock. I think NCMIT doesn't do that. I don't want to convert them one by one. Is there any other software or can I write my own converter with Java.After taking the file in bytes what specifications should I add in the file?

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    There's a command line interface with NCPT2.1 that should allow you to convert multiple files at a time. Check out the file "NCPT2.1 API Guide for Integrators.pdf" under the Docs direcctory in your install path.

    An excerpt:

    CLI usage

    The command line version of application is started typing ncptcli [–file <filename> | -contentlist <filename>] [-profilefile <filename>] [-update] [-help] in the command prompt. If no parameters were given the help will be displayed. Incorrect parameter combinations cause error messages.

    Parameters in the command line are:

    -contentlist followed by the filename of a file containing a list of content files to be published. The list file is ASCII format text file. Each row in the contentlist file contains file name with full path.

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