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    Test Nokia Activ Alert Push on handset

    Does anyone ever try to test Nokia Activ Alert Push funtionality
    on handset? What kind of handset are capable of doing this test?
    How is the procedure? More detail is better! Thanks!

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    RE: Test Nokia Activ Alert Push on handset

    for testing Push functionality you will need
    - phone which supports push (e.g. 8310)
    - NACS+Activ Alert installed and properly configured.
    - SMSC connection for machien with NACS:

    1) Since push is sent via SMS, the phone only needs to be on in order
    to receive it and the server doesn't require any extra interface.
    You need an SMS centre . Using UDP traffic for push is only available when you pushing to Toolkit.

    2)you can use a Nokia Phone as a SMS bearer by connecting it serially. 5100 or 6100 series phone is needed.

    In order to do this you have to configure the Nokia_6100_5100_phones_2.0 bearer and connect the phone to a free COM port with a Nokia DAU-9P serial cable.

    When you create the bearer you must configure these properties in the
    bearer settings :
    WDP_SMS_DRIVER_LOCALADDRESS (msisdn number of the phone used as bearer) and
    WDP_SMS_DRIVER_SMSC (msisdn number of the smsc configured in the phone) also on the "push" tab you need to enable "push functionality allowed"

    3) Or you can use a Short Message Center connection via either UCP,CIMD or SMPP bearer.

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