I've made a small (about 7 classes) but graphiics intensive (about 47 pngs) program. On the Symbian S60 emulator it works perfectly well. When i open the .jad with Sun's emulator it loads the first image correctly, and then it loads the next image fine too. The program then takes you to a form. When you come back from the form, the picture doesn't show not the text that should be there. Later, when it gets back to the "initial state" of the program it will draw in the image correctly, but again, once you've been to the form, the picture dissappears and so does the text.

Some reasons that i think might be causing this problem:
Loading too many image files/Garbage collector not getting rid of last one
paint() method not being run properly (i paint over everything in a white fill rectangle, then pain on the image and then the text. Perhaps it's doing it in reverse?)
Program built coded MIDP-1.0 components, registered as MIDP-1.0, but compiled with an MIDP-2.0 compliant compiler

Like i say, it works on the Symbian S60, so i'm not sure what the problem could be.

Any ideas?


Åge Kruger