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    Socket Disconnected on second attempt

    hi there...
    i'm sending data using RSocket from Sockets Example provided by symbian sdk.

    after engine state is EConnected, i send the data using

    Read(); //start CSocketsReader AO to read response

    in CSocketsReader using RecvOneOrMore() and call SetActive until KErrEof.
    and then called iEngine->ResponseReceived() to parse the response..
    after parsing the response, i called a function that prepared the next data and called

    the first operation is succeed adn iTranStatus is 0 (KErrNone)
    the last operation is failed and the iTranStatus is -36 (KErrDisconnected)
    i never called disconnect();

    do u know why is that happened? and how can i maintain a socket connection stay connected?
    i read from the documentation that RecvOneOrMore() function when receiving KErrEof, indicates that a remote connection is closed and that no more data is available for reading, or the socket has been shutdown with option EStopInput.

    is "that a remote connection is closed and that no more data is available for reading.." means that we cannot write again to remote server?

    really need help

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