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    Who know about WMA information for send SMS with java ?

    I have new problem now.

    I cannot cend SMS to real network even use plain english text with default 7-bit encoding schem.

    Who have code example for real network SMS with UCS-2 encoding schem or document about low level WMA or links or any resource about it please suggest me.

    Documentation about this very very rare to find. I cannot done this project without information.

    I wonder that code example from this nokia website has no some network setting like SMSC or validity period or encoding schem etc...

    If no API about that. I can write code to encode it manually. but I need to know about low level API.

    If I have an encoded data in PDU Mode that contain all information about SMS and ready to send. How can I send this ? (I have this code from my last project AT-Command SMS machine to machine operation by PIC-controller)
    In other words. I do it all except one thing --> put this to RF antenna !

    I cannot do a thing without knowledge..

    Information !!
    I need to eat more information and data ....


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    I assume you have already studied the examples available? E.g. here

    Jarkko / Forum Nokia

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