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    Initializing Database?

    Hi, I'ld like to write a MIDLet which accesses a pre-defined database i.e. a record store. I am looking for a generic simple way to get this initial Data (about 20k) deployed together with the MIDlet. Of course I could define constant byte arrays and write them one by one. I could also implement a large method which fills the record store record by record and this method could be generated automatically on a PC. All of this sounds rather clumsy and even though I haven't found a solution I am sure there must be. Any hint?
    Thanks in advance - Roland

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    Those two options will cost you a lot of space in the JAR... better to create the data in some kind of file, place the file in the JAR, and write some code to duplicate that file's contents into RMS.

    Of course, if the data isn't going to change, there's little benefit in copying it into RMS... just access it directly from the JAR.


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