I have a Nokia (my business phone) and an Ericsson (my personal phone) that both work automatically with the car kit (if either one of the phones is switched on, as soon as I switch on the ignition, the units pair OK, all hands free stuff).

However, my wife's new Motorola V3 phone will not pair automatically - it will pair but only by doing it manually everytime.

I think this may have something to do with having more than 8 units paired with the Cark112 and I am trying to delete some phones from the Cark112 memory. But when I follow the instructions, no matter how long I keep the button pressed (with the ignition off) the light never starts flashing.

Is there any other way I can clear the Cark112 memory? Or do you know if the Motorola V3 wont pair automatically any way.

I have spoken to Motorola but they're not interested in helping because it is a Nokia hands free kit. I've tried to phone Nokia but the premium line never gets answered by a human, I've tried to send an e-mail via theie web-site but get bombed-out when I click submit.

Can anyone here help?