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    Multimedia Converter 2.0 - Audio: AMR greyed out

    I've installed the Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0 under Win XP Prof. SP2 in order to convert mpg-Files for my Communicator 9500.
    In general it works, but the audio is lousy and not synchronous to the video.
    Since there is no way to change the audio codec (the field displays "AMR" and is greyed out, as well as the bit-rate field) I don't know, if I need to install the AMR codec first in order to get better audio results.
    I searched the Internet for an AMR codec to download, but couldn't find one.
    Does anybody know?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    P.S. I just found out that this problem just occurs with mpg-files generated by my DVB-S card (satelite receiver from Haupauge). I tried to re-work the material with Project-X, but no change up to now.
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