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    Unhappy Problems with using FORMs in Series80

    Hi all,

    for my application I need a form similar to the edit view in the adressbook. It should look like this:

    Name: ............
    Value: ............

    First, I tried to create a resource FORM. But compilation process did not work, because the compiler did not know about the resource type/struct FORM. I thought I was missing an include line, but I could not find any include file for this.

    My next step was to use the class CEikForm without resources, but I'm a little bit confused about the right usage.

    Are there any examples on how to use a form in Series80?
    Which file should I include for the FORM resource?

    Thanks for your support,


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    Forms are basically special dialogs derived from CEikDialog. You could check if you could use just normal CEikDialog based custom dialog. At least for its usage, there should be some examples available.


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