I'm starting with m3g api. I did start to makeing some changes on some demos like pogoroo demo from witk2.2

This demo load a whole scene from pogoro.m3g. There is world with pogoroo animation etc.

Next i did try to create my own Mesh representing a cube. So i did make my own VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer. I did add Apeearance with PolygonMode and Material as red solid color
I did add my new Mesh into that world and make sure that scope is the same as pogoroo, and the Mesh is rendering enabled.
For now no exceptions is thrown by mesh is not visible.
I know that there is not pure Integers positions and every thing depends on scale, viewport and placing.

I did try to make an align function call on my Mesh with placing as argument pogoroo Group node). Bt then i get IllegalStateExceptiion what say that my Mesh is not in the same "scene graph" as pogoroo? What does it means ?

So how to put a "hand made" Mesh into the scene to make it visible.