I tried to interject sound into Live voice call. It works fine on Nokia 3650 , N-Gage and 6600.

But while doing the same on Nokia 6620 I am facing some problems.
While running my application standalone it plays sound well.
But when on Nokia 6620 I am on call and try to play any sound from my application. No sounds are been played, so no interjection is happening.

My code is built with Series 60 SDK 6.1. Nokia 6600 and Nokia 6620 both are based on Series 60 SDK 7.0. The diffrence in Nokia 6600 and 6620 is just an addition of Feature Pack 1 in Nokia 6620.
The Code works fine on Nokia 6600 but not working on Nokia 6620.

Does anybody have clue regarding this then help me out