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    What does it mean: MIDP implementation

    Hello everybody,
    im sorry but i am a little bit confused about the meaning of MIDP implementation.

    Does every device (or device series) has/have its own midp implementation?
    Do different MIDP implementations have different classes or methods? or do they exactly stand to SUNs MIDP specification?

    Thank you

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    MIDP is a specification: it has the public API and a few rules as to how these classes and methods should behave.

    Different phones can have different MIDP implementations: actually coding all the methods in the API to behave like the spec says. So a MIDP implementation must have all the methods in the API. But there can be many small things that are different between implementations because the specs don't say exactly how they should be (and sometimes also because of bugs or other issues in the implementation itself).

    I'll give you an example:
    The MIDP spec doesn't say anything about what to do when an item in a List is to long to fit in one line. On some phones you'll see that the text is truncated, on other phones the item will take up more than one line, and some phones will put it in a single line but scroll the text. So all these phones have slightly different, and equally valid, implementations of the spec.


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    ok, thx shmoove

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