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    Extending com.nokia.microedition classes

    Does anyone know if the Nokia J2ME implementations guard against applications extending the Nokia classes?

    I was testing something and wrote a MIDlet containing a class that extended a Nokia implementation class - one of the classes that are in one of the com.nokia.microedition.xxxxx packages. This compiled fine but I found that when I ran it in the Series 60 emulator, the emulator exited when loading the class with no warning or error message. I then attempted to test it on my 7610 handset and found that I could not even install it - I keep getting the error "Authorisation failed!" during the install process. As soon as I remove the extending class from the JAR file, the MIDlet will install and run.

    Can anyone explain this behaviour?


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    During installation the midlet is checked for those things because this way you could easily break the security model.

    On Symbian phones (at leat 6600) there is a way to install those applications manualy.

    Look here:

    Hope this helps


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