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    Question System Error when installing an application at the Nokia 7650 - What is wrong?

    Hi colleagues,

    I transfered my Java application (the .jad and .jar file; size of the .jar file is 451 KB) to the Nokia Series 60 Phone 7650 over Bluetooth. The two files arrived in the Inbox. When I select the .jar file and press the center key I first get the message that the .jad file is corrupted. Afterwards a message is shown which asks me if I want to install the application. If I choose "yes" it tries to install the application in the Applications folder. But it fails and shows me the message "Applications: System Error".

    What's wrong exactly? Is it because of the corrupted .jad file?
    And if this is the reason: How can I transfer the .jad file without corruption? Or is it like this because the JAR size of the application is too big?

    Thank you for your help.


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    Since the .jad would mostly be used to locate the .jar, isn't it enough to just send the .jar and open/install it?

    Also, make sure your midlet is a MIDP 1.0 app (because the 7650 doesn't support MIDP 2.0).

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