I'm working on Series80 for Nokia 9500 Communicator, and making an app that has to launch Opera to get to a specific web page. I have to use a specific APN that I can look up in the DBCOmm, select it, and finally stablish a RConnection using it. I tested that this is working as I integrated the procedure of searching-selecting-opening APN with the sockets example, so I DO know RConnection is stablished properly as I can simulate HTPP GET/POST operations via sockets (i.e., I receive REAL data with the stablished connection).

The problem is that Opera ALWAYS asks for the APN to use, even if you have stablished previuosly the connection you wanted to use. It seems it always needs of its own connection.

In other versions of Symbian-SeriesXX-Devices (as for instance 7650, 3650, 6600, 7610, 6630...) the procedure works, I mean, the previous operation of stablishing a RConnection using the required APN gets the browser to take the stablished RConnection and use it, without asking the user what APN has to use.

So, the question is, is it possible to do this with Nokia 9500 Communicator? Is it possible to establish somehow which conection should Opera use at launching time?


PS: One more clue: when I first stablish RConnection with my desired APN, I set the properties not to ask the user about the APN-select-dialog, and that's OK. Next, when I launch Opera, the APN-select-dialog shows ONLY the WIFI available gateways, not showing the rest of the GPRS-related APNs.