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    What tool you use to transplant to other handset?

    Hi ,everybody
    I want to know what software you use to develop j2me.

    can you tell me .Because I 'd designed a game ,I want to transplant it to other handset , but I heared can be transplant it use tools , I assurance when seen source code.

    In the source , there are some script in comment . what tools?

    source fragment:

    this.parent = parent;
    slx = getWidth();
    sly = getHeight();
    sly = 160;
    // NEW{
    //sly = 128;
    // NEW}

    Dev = DeviceControl.getDefaultDeviceControl();

    // vibraCount = -1;

    clip_x1 = slx; //起点
    clip_y1 = sly;
    clip_lx = slx; //长度
    clip_ly = sly;
    createFrameBuffer(slx, sly);

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    Hi Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!

    U can start using Nokia developer suite for J2ME,To emulate ur apps, Nokia PCSuite coud be used to transfer ur JAR to ur mobile device.
    The User guide along with Nokia Developer suite will help in start Developing.
    Also different Documents are available in Forum noikia ;which helps a new bie to start developing.Also Dont forget to search on net!

    U can use any IDE like Netbeans or Eclipse for writing code.

    A basic Java knowledge would be an added advantage for learning J2ME


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