Hi All

M using the the POP3_IMAP4_Email_Example given on forum nokia.
After I delete a message from the mailbox We r displaying a Pop up which does tell about the no. of unread mails at regular intervals to the user till no unread mail is left or if there is no mail.It works fine till any msg is not deleted.As an unread msg is deleted from the mailbox,next Popup shd display updated count.but it doesnt happen n the Popup displays the same no. of unread mails as b4 deletion till we dont synchronize again.After sync, it displays correctly.We have also used TMsvEntry:eleted() flag to determine whether a particular msg entry is deletd or not And even after we delete a msg,we get the value of this flag TMsvEntry:eleted() for deleted msg entry to be false??

We r not getting whats the wrong here or what we r missing?
Plz do tell if any of u does know
its really urgent
Thanks n rgds