I have a Series 60 application that uses the camera API for the 7650. I am experiencing a problem that seems to be a bug in the camera library.

As far as I can determine, everything else about the application is working correctly -- startup & shutdown works correctly, things are deleted correctly, etc. If I remove the camera-related code (do not create a camera, etc.), things work fine when I start the app, exit, restart, etc.

However: I have a problem when I an running the application using the integrated camera.
When I exit the application, the emulator goes back to the idle screen. when i choose the menu item again to restart the application, the application hits an exception at the line that causes the camera to connect, i.e.


Can anybody tell me if they have seen a problem such as this? is this an error in the camera API? I am shutting down the camera correctly during the first execution and app shutdown. I cannot determine why it is hitting an exception during this statement.

Do you have any suggestions? please !!! I am going crazy with this.

Thanks much for any help.