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    Can we use TMsvEntry::Deleted() in Pop3 Msg service??

    Hi all

    I have gone thru this link (below) which does mention the TMsvEntry functions used in Pop3 msg service


    the above link mentions only a few functions(Not All) of TMsvEntry class like Unread(),New() etc.I m little bit confused .Does this mean we can use only these functions of TMsvEntry for Pop3 msg service?? eg Cant we use Deleted() of TMsvEntry(plz note this deleted fn not mentioned in above link) for pop3 msg service to know whether a particular msg is deletd or not??

    n more once we delete a msg from device on which pop3 service is running can we get the updated count for the no. of mails (after deletion) while the application is running??

    plz guide me
    thanks a lot
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    Re: Can we use TMsvEntry::Deleted() in Pop3 Msg service??

    I tried this with IMAP4. The results are similar. Even after Deleting the email using the CMsvEntry:: DeleteL() , the Email entry's Deleted() flag returns False.

    Anybody with any info about this..? Please Share

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