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    Echo Example Prorgam doesn't dial to internet


    I'm new to EPOC Symbian programming. I'm testing the TCP/IP example, Echo client. I set up my 9210 emulator to connect to my NT RAS using null modem cable as explained in the document I found in forum.nokia.com (under the same title).

    Unfortunately, the example never dials to internet nor can connect to the RAS server. Could someone please explain why? I use SDK v1.2. I'm expecting to see the dialup IAP selector dialog to show up when I start the application.

    I also tested the application directly on my Nokia 9210, set up to use null-modem cable to connect to my NT RAS. But, still NO LUCK :-(


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    RE: Echo Example Prorgam doesn't dial to internet


    Would you download the TCP/UDP sample application from the download site and test it on your system. You also need to download the TCP/UDP specification document to see how to configure the system and run the echo server.

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