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    PC and Computer Communication

    Hello !
    I want to communicate my computer & Nokia 6600 and want to develop software for it. My Questions regarding it are:-

    1) What exact hardwares and softwares other than SDKs, do i need. Will I need Nokia Connectivity Framewrok(NCF) for testing?

    2) Which area should I hit for writing a software. Socket Programming???, and where can I get help abt it.

    3) Can some1 please provide me with the sample (and simple as well) code abt the connection of mobile & pc or any relevant link. I have tried socket example in SDK but could not get anything out of it. Can some1 give me complete guide on it.

    I would be really gr8ful to anybody helping me on it.


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    You can use the source code of Bemused as a starting point, for example: http://bemused.sourceforge.net/

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    or for simpler example, you could use Bluetooth Point-To-Point example.

    All you need to do in PC side is to define ports to be serial host & clients for your Bluetooth dongle (use ports 3 & 4). Then you could use these ports as normal serial ports from your PC, and use serial sockets communication over the bluetooth from phone side.


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