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    sending operator logo with //SCKL?

    I am trying to send operator logo to my mobile phone. Two messages are
    //SCKL15821582010201 62F81000480E0151D557F55FD5565580A2AABE3EF0FAAA2B80475578078
    //SCKL15821582010202 00A6AF087AAF01EAAE005557D51D7C55D5D600A6ABEAA3C2AFAAAC00515

    I am from turkey (op:turkcell) so mmc =286 mnc=01

    I can send concatenated ring tones through my operator but when send these messages nothing happens. no sms is received.

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    RE: sending operator logo with //SCKL?

    So mmc in logo in hex is 0x82 0x6F (not 62F8) and mnc is 0x10.
    It is best to use binary header (not //SCKL) to assure correct
    interpreting in the phone as in Smart Messaging FAQ question 9.
    M, Forum Nokia

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    RE: sending operator logo with //SCKL?

    Im having the same problems, I get a delivery report but the message is never sent. I believe the mmc should be 82F6 not 6f but im not sure. I hope the problem is with the coding and not with the operator! I would be grateful If you let me know the solution, also check whether I get a useful reply since my question is same as yours.


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