I am taken a dive into Application software for Symbian OS! Working on my own product for 9210 handset. I have many questions and issues which SDK documentation does not clarify effectively, infact the whole documentation is blasted on an ambigious assumption n littered with numerous references but no explanation in any where, it seems to me an author, who wrote this, he has made many wild assumption about the readers (sucker) like us, who knows all most every thing about their product OS. Or perhaps puzzle with missing bits, which never going to be solve, then we ordinary developer bound to get in touch with Symbian; then Symbian will show us a link site where we have to get our self registerd or shall I say Baptised by Symbian, for the ammount of 100quid n all the problems will be solved!!! so does it look like. Many queries emailed but never received any answer which solve my immediate problems which is as follow:
1) Symbian SDK does allows us that the developer can create a fixed length data file(s) i.e. like in MS SDK with proprietory header so the program acknowledge the data file is geniune? Apart from reading stream and writting to stream; more or less like in MS MFC CArchive class.
2) Using tools application framework create a std application; create wide status pane as a default! The procedure in SDK Docs. for Narrow Status pane using (EikStatuPane class)and method as prescribed does NOT produce effective result.(for this immediate attention required)
3)The intricate and Laborious directory structure created by abld.bat file is indeed a pain as it self I am trying to get use to it!

I ll be greatly appriciated if any one who can shed a light my problem in advance. Thank you,