Hello all,

I'm trying to run a large-scale Java MIDlet on Nokia 6630 & 6680 (Symbian 8.0).
I've noticed that in these devices the VM consumes much more memory than on other series 60 devices (Nokia 6600, 6670 - Symbian 7.0) - up to 2MB more memory consumption for "Hello World" MIDlet. I've also noticed that while running my application, memory differences between Symbian 7 and Symbain 8 devices become much more significant than the mentioned 2MB. I suspect this difference is mainly related to the new AOT (Ahead Of Time compilation) and to the new memory allocation & GC implementation.
This matter is rather critical to me, as this extra memory consumption reaches device's limits, hence makes it impossible for me to support Symbian 8.0 phones.
I wonder if anyone knows whether ther is a way to modify the CLDC HI behavior in those aspects, perhaps by passing parameters to it, either via the MIDlet or in any other manner.

Thanks in advance,