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    Notify IP address change

    I am trying to get notification of when my IP address has changed on the phone, i.e. when the ISP has changed, using RConnection::ServiceChangeNotification but i am failing to get any notification when the ISP/IP address have changed.

    I am doing something like this

    // header
    RSocketServ iSocketServ;
    RConnection iConnection;

    // cpp
    void CSocketsEngine::ConstructL()
    User::LeaveIfError( iSocketServ.Connect() );
    User::LeaveIfError( iConnection.Open( iSocketServ ) );
    User::LeaveIfError( iConnection.Start() );

    and creating a simple active object that starts a notification like this on construction
    iEngine->iConnection.ServiceChangeNotification(iNewISPId, iNewServiceType, iStatus);
    which prints on screen the values of the iNewISPId, iNewServiceType member variables on change notification in RunL

    Has anyone ever got ServiceChangeNotification to actually notify anything or have I misinterpreted the use of the method or even does anyone have an alternative solution?
    (I am testing by connecting a socket in my test app and then making a connection in a different application to a different ISP)

    Thanks in advance.

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    From Symbian OS 7.0s onwards, multi-homing is supported. This means that the device may have more than one IP address at any given time. Possibly what is happening in your case is you are simply observing 1 connection when more than one exists, so its IP never actually changes even though a new connection has been made...

    Perhaps keep track of the number of current connections?

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    Re: Notify IP address change

    Quote Originally Posted by template60

    From Symbian OS 7.0s onwards, multi-homing is supported.
    This is fALSE; there is no Multihome support on UMTS devices

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