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    Unhappy Building a static library only, using CW for Symbian OS v3

    I have code which I use to build static libraries for, for a bunch of different platforms. Now I am trying to make a build of this library for use on Symbian.

    I have searched around trying to find some kind of information that will let me build a static library. So far I found some instructions which don't seem to work for me. I edit the *.mmp file and change the TARGETTYPE to lib, and name the output file to MyLib.lib.

    When I launch a make of this (after importing the mmp into CW), it gives the following error: "Can't find ELIB.LIB ...". I looked around for this file and it doesn't seem to exist on my computer. I found an old thread which talked about this file so it must be floating around there somewhere :/ (even acknowledged by a Metrowerks employee).

    My question is, how can I build a static library using CW for Symbian v3? I can't do the one trick I found about generating a dll and signaling CW to not delete the temp *.lib it generates because that would require me to modify the code which is not an option.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would recommend starting by getting this working when building from the command line. Once you have that working then importing it into CodeWarrior should yield the same results, but until you have the MMP set up correctly it most likely will not work in CodeWarrior. I'm going to move this thread into the general Tools & SDKs forum in hopes someone there knows how to do this.


    Matt Pinsonneault
    Nokia Developer Support

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    Re: Building a static library only, using CW for Symbian OS v3

    Hi Codechimp,

    I'm interested in whether you got it to work somehow? Any news on building LIBs?

    Thanks for your comments,


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