Hi everyBudy

I,m Mehul Garnara I have develope a j2me application with MySql data base,
I have download my application in NOKIA 3300, some problem is pass the (FULL)Date format in servlet, my date
format like "Fri Apr 15 00:00:00 UTC 2005" but NOKIA 3300 convert into this format "java.util.Date@4327a103"
How to convert this format into "yyyy-MM-dd" format because MySQL in date format use "yyyy-MM-dd".
My application is run perfectly in j2me wireless toolkit emulator this device perfect pass the origional date format in servlet side
but only problem occure use in Nokia 3300 and 7210.

psl Any solution is possible so pls reply on my email id

email id = mehulgarnara@gmail.com
mob = 9426402211

ok thenks everybudy, I am waiting for any reply.

pls help me