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    Question 2 question:(1)how to debug (2)why cause "require Series60ProductID" error!

    I'm new to Symbian, I download S60_2nd_FP2(Chinese) from nokia.com.

    (1)when I build "helloworldbasic", first I use
    makmake helloworldbasic.mmp
    in dir "C:\Symbian\8.0a\S60_2nd_FP2_SC\Series60Ex\helloworldbasic\group", I got a VC7 solution, I open this solution in VC7, and build it, I locate the debug in "C:\Symbian\8.0a\S60_2nd_FP2_SC\epoc32\release\wins\udeb\epoc.exe", but it warning "no debug symbol in epoc.exe"(Chinese words are [不包含调试信息])
    first question: how can I debug my program?

    (2)I have a real device N-GAGE QD, When I make a .sis file to debug on real device, I got an error: "install failed, requireSeries60ProductID", why?

    poor English & poor Symbian, help me, thanks a lot!

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    CV++ is telling you that epoc.exe can't be debuged. Your program is not epoc.exe, it's a .dll that is run by epoc.exe, and this .ddl will have debug information in it. So the solution is to just set some breakpoints and ignore that warning.

    The N-Gage device is series60 v1, you're using a s60v2 SDK, so this won't work. You'll need to use the s60v1 1.2 SDK to build for the N-Gage.

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    These are the steps I follow to create my projects...

    1) Go to /group folder
    2) Execute
    bldmake clean
    bldmake bldfiles
    makmake myproject.mmp vc6 (vc6 corresponds to Visual Studio 6, change it to the option corrresponding to your IDE)

    3) Open .dsw file you've just created and compile/debug as usual or...
    ... compile throught the command prompt using.
    abld reallyclean
    abld build wins udeb ('wins udeb' for Windows in debug mode, 'armi udeb' for ARMI in debug mode, or 'wins urel','armi urel' for versions in release mode)


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