I tried to connect UIQ2.1 emulator to intranet using NT RAS. I did it many times before for Symbian 6.1 emulator and it works, so I am pretty sure that I have set NTRAS in Windows well.

The problem MUST lie in commdb Cdbv3.dat database file. I set all settings (using setupcomms.bat) equally to the settings I used on 6.1 emulator. Namely:
1) Outgoing Connection Prefs
3) IAP
5) Dial Out ISP
a) Modem

When I tried to connect via TCP I received in TRequestStatus error -3606, which means ErrGenConnDatabaseDefaultUndefined. I also tried to monitor COMM::1port and shortly after emulator was started I noticed, that it was used by some built-in application. I deleted some problematic ".esk" files, the activity stopped, but i still received -3606 error.

After that I found that in Cdbv3.dat there are 8 defined modems,
so I deleted 7 modems ( 2-8 ), which I think were UNUSED and after that I received in TRequestStatus -1 (KErrNotFound) error (at least something change.

I reach the conclusion, that my "Dial out ISP" settings are not using the modem 1/8!! Why? So I continue with trying delete one modem by one and between each deletion I tried to connect.

Until I deleted 4/8 Modem "GSM Mobile phone via Infrared" I received -3606 error, when I deleted this fourth modem I received -1 KErrNotFound. So I think, that my settings
use as default this 4/8 modem. I tried to set the modem parameters to standart parameters used by NT RAS
(PortName=COMM::1, TSYName=HAYES, CSYName=ECUART, DataBits=8, StopBits=1, ...) but the emulator crash during startup. So one of application started immediatelly after start of emulator or emulator itself failed using this modem...

So my questions are:

a) HOW TO bind my NT RAS settings in Cdbv3.dat file with modem choosen by me??In some external .ini file?
b) Has anybody some other NT RAS solution, that works?