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    Angry Record Store, Why doesn't it commit, unless shutdown


    on the first scrren on me app i take in some settings from the user, and then save this to the RMS

    Later in the applicaiton i attempt to load these settings from the RMS but the records cannot be found.

    Unless i save the info, shutdown the app and then reload it, and then RMS records can be found

    I understand that the RMS does not commit records unless the app is shutdown, in order to avoid invalid / incomplete data being stored,

    so what do i do,

    I don't really have the option of keeping the data in vars/memory,

    I really need to be able to save a record to the RS and then be able to read it back out again straight away,

    either i've got it wrong (quite likley), and the rs does update immediatley, or i'll need to find a new way of using the rs.

    I do open and close the Rs right after performing any read/write functions, so its not an open rs not saving.

    i could really do with some help on this one , i got a nice long peice of rope here, and i'm getting close to using it


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    Fixed it,

    my problem was that i was doing this each time i opened

    RMSManager rmsManager = new RMSManager("octagonsettings", true,appRec);

    instead of

    RMSManager rmsManager (global)
    rmsManager.openRMS("octagonsettings", true,appRec);

    basically i was dumping me data, and creating a new rs object each time doh!

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