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    question - a animated canvas during HTTP connection

    I ve designed a midlet which connects to server and creates an image on the screen from received data. My question is:
    is it possible to write a code which shows user Canvas which displays received data count and animated image (3 frames) on the screen during the connection is made.
    Correct me if i am wrong bu i think thath i will need:
    1. Class extending FullCanvas and implementing Runnable - it will show the animation on the screen
    2. A HttpConnectionWorker 0 class (thread) which connects to server and waits for response

    am i right has anybody got an exacmple of such code??


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    Runnable Canvas

    Yes, indeed, to show an animation like that, you could use a Runnable Canvas. Basic code:

    public void run() {
      onScreen  = true;
      for (;onScreen;) {
        // Draw image with index index
        if (index >= MAX_INDEX) index = 0;
        try {
        } catch (Exception e) {
          // Never thrown
    Just make a decent check to see whether the canvas is still visible and active.

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    Not exacly - animation canvas

    The thing isn't so simple as far as i am concerned becouse we have to create a thread for working in background and an canvas class with Timer thread to repaint it. In my software i solved this case combinining those 3 into 1 class (my project required such design). I list my code below

    public class ConnectionWorker extends FullCanvas implements Runnable {
        private midApp parent;
        private String URL_to_call;
        private Object obj_to_notify;
        private String response_content;
        private boolean containsErrors = false;
        private boolean hasReceivedResponse = false;
        private String theText = "AAAA";
        private Font sF = Font.getFont (Font.FACE_SYSTEM,Font.STYLE_BOLD,Font.SIZE_MEDIUM);
        private Font mF = Font.getFont (Font.FACE_SYSTEM,Font.STYLE_BOLD,Font.SIZE_LARGE);
        int quant = 0;
        private Timer scheduler;
        private ConnectionWorker.TimerRepainter repainter;
        public ConnectionWorker (midApp parent_, String url, Object monitor){
            parent = parent_;
            URL_to_call = url;
            obj_to_notify = monitor;
            this.repaint ();
            this.serviceRepaints ();
            scheduler = new Timer();
            repainter = new ConnectionWorker.TimerRepainter(this);
        public boolean getHasReceivedResponse(){
            return hasReceivedResponse;
        public void paint (Graphics g){
            g.setClip (0,0,getWidth (),getHeight ());
            g.drawImage (parent.chatBkg,0,0,20);
            g.setColor (0xFFFFFF);
            g.setFont (mF);
            g.drawString ("LOADING",getWidth ()/2 - mF.stringWidth ("LOADING")/2,10,20);
            g.drawString (" Connction to server",getWidth ()/2 - mF.stringWidth (" Connction to server")/2,25,20);
            g.setColor (0x000000);
            g.drawString ("LOADING",getWidth ()/2 - mF.stringWidth ("LOADING")/2 +1,11,20);
            g.drawString (" Connection to server",getWidth ()/2 - mF.stringWidth (" Connection to server")/2 +1,26,20);
            g.setColor (0x000000);
            g.setFont (sF);
            g.drawString (theText,getWidth ()/2 - sF.stringWidth (theText)/2,getHeight ()- 10 - sF.getHeight (),20);
            g.setClip (getWidth ()/2-38/2,getHeight ()/2-50/2,38,50);
            g.drawImage (parent.progressImg,getWidth ()/2-38/2,getHeight ()/2- 50/2 - 50*quant,20);
        public void run (){
    /// here is my method for connecting to server 
                response_content = RawConnector.callServlet (URL_to_call);
                hasReceivedResponse = true;
            }catch (Exception e){
                e.printStackTrace ();
                Thread.sleep (10000);
            }catch(Exception e){
        public String get_response_content (){
            if (hasReceivedResponse)
                return response_content;
                return null;
        private class TimerRepainter extends TimerTask {
            private ConnectionWorker connWorker;
            public TimerRepainter(ConnectionWorker conWrk){
                connWorker = conWrk;
            public void run(){
                connWorker.quant = (connWorker.quant+1) % 3;
                connWorker.serviceRepaints ();
    hope this would help in the future
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    I prefer using basic Threads instead of Timers, but that is just my thing. When using repaint() statements, it is wise to use a boolean to make the paint methods only accesible once at a time. This prevents flooding and poor running. So you basically skip the next paint if the paint method it already running.
    public void paint(Graphics g) {
      if (paintRunning) return;
      paintRunning = true;
      // Do your painting
      paintRunning = false;
    You can ofcourse use multiple Threads running through the same class. So your run would look like this:
    public void run() {
      if (Thread.currentThread() == firstThread) {
        // First Thread tasks
      } else if (Thread.currentThread() == secondThread) {
        // Second Thread tasks

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