i am new to symbian c++, and have some problems of gc.
1. usually when i need draw in event handle, (not in draw() function). i shall activate gc and deactivate gc at end. My question is that there a way to not activate or deactivate everytime, means just call one time at some place. assume that app have only one window and view.
2. and how much cost if when call activate or deactivate function (cpu time and memory).
3. is there a way to know wheather the gc is activate state or deactivate state.
4. if i want to draw in another thread (like game loop thread). i must activate and deactivate at every time loop?or keep activate always for whole game loop, at this case, when a UI event occur, in my event handler function i need call activate() again for drawing, and because gc is the activate state, when call activate(), there may be a exception here. how could i fix this.
thanks for any reply and any question.