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    LIKE in SQL Symbian DB don't support case insensitivity

    From: "Asheesh" <asheeshv@grapecity.removenospam.com>
    Subject: LIKE keyword in SQL query for Symbian Database doesn't support case-insensitive search.
    Date: Monday, April 18, 2005 12:59 PM

    Hi All,

    I'm creating an application for UIQ platform in which I'm making extensive
    use of Symbian DBMS APIs mainly using SQL queries.
    I've created a view which allows users to search for data in the
    application. For this I'm making use of the SQL LIKE keyword, under which
    multiple words can be retrieved using the
    wildcard character * .
    Now the strange part I've come to know of is that LIKE keyword doesn't make
    a case-insensitive search, it only makes a case-sensitive one.
    Am I correct about this? If yes, it'd be really great if someone could
    provide pointers as to how to overcome this limitation?
    Any work-arounds,advices or suggestions would be extremely welcome.

    Thanks & regards,

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    which SDK? which APIs are u using?
    Becoz i used SDK80 and it didnt allow me to use "LIKE" keyword.

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    Hi All,
    My problem was solved by one of the guys. It was a matter of using
    TDbQuery(const TDesC& aQuery,TDbTextComparison
    the text comparison paramter instead of the default one. By using it, the search returned case-insensitive results...


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