I have re-compile RemoteCam sample application using SDK version 0.9 release and installed the app in my NOKIA 7650 device (firmware version 3.12 18-06-02 NHL-2NA).
When I received the biomessage and open the message from my Inbox (at this state, the RemoteCam application hasn't been started), the phone automaticaly load the RemoteCam application, but it didn't take any picture. Then each time I try to quit the application, it gives me "mce KERN-EXEC 3".

I also try to make a simple application that will be loaded when a bio message received. The same problem (mce KERN-EXEC 3) occurs. Also when I added an AIF file with this simple application, each time i try to open the bio message from my Inbox, the phone gives me "General: System error".

Please help me with this stuff.
Is there any do and don't I should follow?

Thank you very much for your concern

Susanto Waluyo