Having forgotten to mention in my last post of "wrap a http to become a wap", there may be another solution for such a problem. But I am hindered by the techniques as well.

China Mobile provides a http proxy. It's said that some http explorers can open webpages on a http website via such a proxy despite the restriction to a http access point. It's also said that such a proxy has to be set at the configuration of explorers, rather than in the phone (where we normally configure access points).

In the other words, those explorers successfully make http connections through the WAP access point, via the proxy.

To my understanding, those explorers take the advantages of the http proxy programmatcially, and manage to "tunnel" wap gateway to connect to http servers. I suspect they work it out by "wrapping a http to become a wap".

I lack the knowledge of this part, and couldn't find a solution in the net. (This can be done in J2SE, but not in J2ME). I also appreciate any suggestion or helps.

Great Thanks.