Hi Experts,

I have a midlet code that has the following lines to play a amr audio file:

InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/file.amr");
Player p = Manager.createPlayer(is, "audio/amr");

When I try to run this on the Nokia Series60 SDK for MIDP (SERIES 60 2ND EDITION SDK FOR SYMBIAN OS SUPPORTING FEATURE PACK 2 FOR MIDP), I get a media exception with the error as “Symbain OS error : -1”.

So I was wondering if we can at all play amr content on the emulator of the SDK that I have mentioned above. If not, does it mean that a similar code is not going to run on the Nokia6630 handset as well which I believe does support AMR and AMR-WB audio playing.

I have seen posts in the forum where they talk about having played .amr files on Nokia S60 SDKs. Can someone please suggest as which SDK are they referring to?

Would appreciate some clarification on this.