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    get IMEI on 6630

    I tried to get the IMEI on my 6630 with the etel3rdparty API.

    But my application crashed every time, when was using the CTelephony-Object.

    I was able to compile this Code, but it won't run.

    While searching the Forum i found this (phoneutils.h... , deriving my application from CActive):

    With this code, I had tha same problem like before...

    Has anybody an idea how to resolve this problem?

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    You can try to read through here for UIQ

    I have try that also not working on 6670 phone.
    Here is the code I use.

    iTelephony = CTelephony::NewL();
    CTelephony::TSubscriberIdV1Pckg subscrIdPckg(iSubscrId);
    iTelephony->GetSubscriberId(iStatus, subscrIdPckg);
    if (iStatus==KErrNone)
    TPtrC theIMSI(iSubscrId.iSubscriberId);
    _LIT(KIMSI, "IMSI number" );
    iVersion.Format( KStringFormat, &KIMSI, &IMSI );
    iVersion.Copy( _L("Error retrieving IMSI"));
    delete iTelephony;

    For IMEI, u can try to use TPlpVariant Class. Look at the example on Sysinfo.
    TBuf<64> iVersion;
    _LIT( KStringFormat, "%S\n%S" );
    _LIT(KTitle, "IMEI number" );
    TPlpVariantMachineId id;
    PlpVariant::GetMachineIdL( aId )
    iVersion.Format( KStringFormat, &KTitle, &id );


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    TPlpVariant runs on 6630 but this class was removed from SDK 2.6...
    I need some special features from this SDK, so it's not possible to downgrade to SDK 2.1.

    Maybe, anybody has written a DLL to get some Phone informations, written with an old SDK - either I will write it myself.

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