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    Can't find my own .jar file!

    My java servlet needs to connect to microsoft sql 2000 server, therefore it will refer to some method provided by sql 2000 jdbc driver which is a .jar file. I've tried 2 ways. Firstly, put
    .jar file in \lib directory and secondly put it in my own application
    directory like "webapps\<app name>\WEB-INF\lib". Neither way works.
    So how can I access my own .jar files correctly?

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    RE: Can't find my own .jar file!


    I am not sure if I understood correctly the question, but if you are trying to add webapplication to NACS, could you check chapters 15.6-15.10 of NACS Admin guide (if your question was about NACS).

    Hope it helps.

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