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    MSN Messenger on Nokia


    I have Nokia 6230 GSM phone, and will like to use MSN Messenger ( or any of its 3rd party emulators ) for IM on my phone using GPRS connectivity allowed by my GSM service provider.

    Pls advise that is there any version of MSN which I can download and use on 6230 ?

    If not, then pls recommend my any Nokia phone in price range of USD 100 to USD 250, which supports MSN Messenger.

    Thanks & Regards.

    Omar S Chaudhry

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    You posted the exact same question at least 4 times. Once would have been enough.

    All the Series 60 based phones (http://www.series60.com/products) supports apps compatible with MSN Messenger. Such apps are Agile Messenger, IM+ or TipicMe, at least. The cheapest such phone is probably the N-Gage QD (should be USD99 in EB games in the USA nowadays). N-Gage QD details: http://web.n-gage.com/en-R1/gamedeck/ngage_qd/techspex/

    The instant messaging apps you can find by searching this catalog of apps, for example (Agile is free, the others cost something, if my memory serves me right): http://my-symbian.com/7650/applications/index.php

    The 6230 supports only installable MIDP Java applications or so called midlets. If you can find a midlet (I've never come across one) that supports MSN Messenger somehow, it could work.

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