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    A problem about Seires 60 Video Example

    I download two examples form http://forum.nokia.com/main/0,,1_32_30,00.html

    One is Video.SIS , the other is VRex.SIS.

    These two files is contained by the two example.

    I install these two file at Nokia 7100(Series 60)
    When I use Video, no video files can be played, even .3pg.
    When I use VRex, Only .3pg file can be played, but other mpeg-4 files(such as .avi)can not be played.

    Then I install XVid(a mpeg-4 decodec) in my mobiles, but there are some problems.

    Why ?

    And how can I play a .avi ?


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    Found some

    at http://forum.nokia.com/main/1,6566,1_32_30,00.html#cv

    still wondering where Ecam is...

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