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    Unhappy 7710 SDK emulator browser problems


    I have just started working with the 7710 SDK for a few weeks and I have already ran into many problems. The one in case is regarding browser connectivity.

    "How can I get the browser in the 7710 SDK emulator to connect to the Internet????"

    This is what I have tried so far:

    I first setup the emulator preferences for browsing exactly in the same way that the SDK help proposes. Regardless of that, I cannot get Internet connection.

    I also found a document with errata of the SDK and they proposed that the developer runs npacketadmin.exe before running the emulator. I did that as well with no good results.

    Then, I even turned off my firewall just in case it could be related to this problem, but again the same. No connectivity at all.

    It will be very appreciaterd any feedback, ideas or tips on this matter.

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    Some extra details

    The emulator Ethernet settings I am using are:

    -Set to promiscous mode
    -Obtain IP Address automatically
    -Obtain DNS address automatically

    For npacketadmin.exe tool i found an old posting from 2003 regarding series 90. Which I am pasting in the end of this message. In it it tells you to check the first 4 check boxes under the "set" command. In my case they are as follows:

    Use the promiscuous mode as default
    NDIS_PACKET_TYPE_PROMISCOUS Receive all packets

    If the selected NIC does not support promiscous mode try to select directed+multicast+broadcast mode
    NDIS_PACKET_TYPE_DIRECTED Receive all packets directed to the station address
    NDIS_PACKET_TYPE_ALL_MULTICAST Receive all multicast address packets
    NDIS_PACKET_TYPE_BROADCAST Receive broadcast packets

    ---Then i leave all the rest of the checkboxes blank.

    Nevertheless, this didnt change anything

    Thanks in advance for any help


    -----------Old post for series 90----------------------

    "Except setting the information you mention, you need to run npacketadmin.exe, and in the GUI you must,
    1) In the adapter selection, select the network card you are using
    2) Press "Set" in the Filter, and check the first 4 options in the setting page, then click OK
    3) In the Status selection, click "Start"

    Now you can try the Ethernet connection in the emulator. You can see the number of sending and receiving packets in the npacketadmin.exe GUI."

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