I am trying this example on Nokia 6600.
My steps are
1) I have configured the handset from Menu-> Tools-> Settings-> Connection-> Access points. I have provided all the details of proxy and port in advanced options. Also I provided homepage as http://www.wap.google.com which is a well working page.

2) From Menu-> Services->Options->Settings , I have set the default access point. This creates a bookmark in the services.

3) I could access the page from Services->download which pops up message saying "connection to server needed connect?" On saying yes it connects to the homepage properly.

4) The client example works fine on the emulator.

5) When i run the example from the handset, it pops up IAP selection option and after selecting I wait for a while. After a while it gives me error: -33 which is time out error

6) If I try the same address (google) from Opera browser from the handset, it gives me error saying "http://www.wap.goolge.com -
could not connect to remote server"

Am I missing any configuration on the handset??